ECTACO iTRAVL English <-> Hebrew TL-2Hb

ECTACO iTRAVL English <-> Hebrew TL-2Hb  

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Category:Talking dictionary and audio PhraseBook
Language pair: English <-> Hebrew, Hebrew <-> English
Vocabulary: over 450,000 words
PhraseBook: over 14,000 phrases
Size: 98x30x181mm, 3.9x1.2x7.1 in
Weight: 11 oz
Battery Type: Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1800mAh), included

The ECTACO iTRAVL TL-2Hb is the newest version of our famous iTRAVL translation device. As such, it features all the latest developments and advances from our award-winning team of linguists and designers. Complete with the most sophisticated voice capabilities available anywhere, this device combines state-of-the-art speech recognition that allows the machine to understand an individual user’s voice with professionally recorded real human voice output and advanced TTS voice synthesis. Alongside the comprehensive vocabulary contained in the bi-directional dictionary, it also includes over 14,000 phrases that can be spoken aloud in both English and Hebrew. Featuring easy-to-use sentence builder pronunciation for every word from shopping and eating to camping and football provides everything the traveler needs. It also comes complete with the fun and efficient FlashCards learning games to optimize your language learning using any of four entertaining games to help build up your vocabulary at your own pace.

Unrivaled in the world of handheld translation, the remarkable PhraseBook is a must-have for international travelers and language learners alike, helping everyone to navigate foreign language terrain and communicate efficiently no matter what the circumstances. Enclosed within a water-resistant and dustproof case this rugged, durable, and compact handheld translator with a fine quality loudspeaker it is one of the most remarkable tools ever made for effective communication.


  • The ultimate source of ready-made phrases, expressions, and lists of single words, the phrasebook includes the following topics: Basics, Traveling, Hotel, Local Transport, Sightseeing, Bank, Communications means, In the restaurant, Shopping, Repairs/Laundry, Sport/Leisure, Health/Drugstore, Beauty Care.
  • "You may hear it" is the function, allowing you to see what you may hear in reply to the voiced phrase. For instance, having picked the topic "In a restaurant" you chose the phrase "I would like some white wine please". When you choose the "You may hear it" option, the system will display the potential responses you may hear from the waiter in answer to your request.
  • "Useful words" function displays the key words in a given topic, which are the most important for the traveler to memorize.
  • Advanced human-recorded speech output in English and Hebrew
  • Superb English speech recognition technologies allow the device to transform your speech into digital information. Once your speech has been transformed, it can then be translated and spoken aloud.
  • Single words or whole phrases search function
  • FlashCards for effective language learning: this classic setup uses the card system to help you quickly memorize foreign words and effectively expand your vocabulary

Expanded vocabulary

  • Bi-directional English <-> Hebrew dictionary includes over 450,000entries
  • Advanced English and Hebrew speech synthesis
  • Instant reverse translation for added convenience
  • Look-up function lets you navigate easily through volumes of information
  • Advanced word recognition and MorphoFinder™
  • "Add New Word" function will allow you to create new entries and add them to existing dictionaries
  • The virtual keyboard provides access to the dictionary
  • Slang Lock feature
  • Easily expandable by adding MMC/SD cards with more languages and ultimate linguistic content from ECTACO, Inc.

Additional Features

  • MP3 player
  • MultiMedia Card slot (Card included) for simplified content replacement and updates, you can add up to 20 languages on MMC and over the Internet
  • World Time
  • Daily Alarm
  • Calculator
  • Currency and Metric conversion
  • Touch screen (320x240 pixels)
  • Screen backlight
  • Auto Off function will shut off translator when it’s idle
  • AC adapter, MMC Card English-Hebrew iTRAVL - 128MMC TL-EHb and rechargeable battery are included in the package. Rechargeable battery charges by adapter.


  VoiceHebrew, English
  Speech recognition English
  Commonly used phrases14000
  Advanced search
  Instant reverse translation
  Irregular verbs
  New word recording
  Electronic grammar book
  DisplayTouch Sensitive Screen
  Screen backlight
  Headphones jack
  PC connection
  AC adapter jack
  Batteries (included)Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  Dimensions (WxDxH)3.9x1.2x7.1 in  
  Math calculator
  Engineer calculator
  Currency conversion
  Metric conversion
  Daily alarm
Value pack
  1 year warranty
  Bonus & demo software
  Slim case 


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